Offering Multiple Payment Options

Cancellations, Lost Items and Returns

Cancellations, Lost Items and Returns


What if I change my mind after I've placed my order and need to cancel it?

All sales are final however in some cases you can cancel an order before it's processed. Please contact Customer Service at or by calling (813) 433-0688 to verify if cancellation is available. 

What if I haven't received my item?

Please check your tracking information and contact us right away if your order seems to be lost in transit.  If you haven't reported an item as lost within 3 calendars after shipment, you'll be responsible for paying for it.

What do I do if my item is damaged?

Quality inspections are completed and photos are taken and stored of all merchandise prior to shipping.  You must contact Customer Service at or by calling (813)433-0688 within 24hours of receiving the items to submit a request to return the item and resolve the issue.  All items must be returned within 3 calendar days for a store credit. 

How does the return process work?

We inspect all returns. If the item isn’t the one you bought or is in a condition that doesn’t match the return reason, you'll be assessed a return fee and may have the item sent back to you.

Return fees

Jewelry $75
Watches $75
Accessories $50


What is JEDA Jewelry's Return Policy?

Jewelry and Watches 

All sales are final.  Please read the full description prior to checking out and paying for your order.   

 Why can't I return an item after I open it?

We cannot accept or sell used, refurbished or open box items.